Our QuickRecords™ service automates all the record-keeping required by your State. It takes only 7 minutes a month and costs less than a single lawyer's visit to ensure that you never lose the protection of the corporate veil.

What Our Clients Say
"I manage the careers of a lot of high profile recording stars. I can't afford any slip ups in record-keeping. This is very low cost/high benefit insurance for me and my clients."
(Ron Stone, President and CEO, Gold Mountain Entertainment, Inc.)

Failure to Document
Invites Legal Nightmares
"An investor forms a corporation as a tax shelter and doesn't keep adequate records or minutes. On a routine IRS audit, the investor loses his deductions and pays penalties for being non-compliant."

As the owner of a corporation (whether it's a C, S, or LLC), you are required by your state to document every major business activity.

If your corporate records are not in order and you are sued, you could be stripped of all liability protection and tax benefits.

You have a 1 in 3 chance of being sued this year, and when it happens it will be too late to put your records in order.

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