Our QuickRecords™ service automates all the record-keeping required by your State. It takes only 7 minutes a month and costs less than a single lawyer's visit to ensure that you never lose the protection of the corporate veil.

What Our Clients Say
"As a VC, I spend most of my time on due diligence. The fun part is learning the 'story' of the company and seeing the passion and experience of management. That takes two days. The other three months involves scouring the financials, contracts and written records. If the company doesn't have it in writing, it doesn't stand a chance of getting funded. It's that simple."
(Russ Sewell, Managing Partner, Aspen Grove Capital Group)

Failure to Document
Invites Legal Nightmares
"A couple gets divorced. The woman goes after the man's assets, though those assets are held in a corporate name. The judge pierces the corporate veil and awards half of the corporate assets totaling more than $250,000 to the woman."
(Colman v. Colman)

As the owner of a corporation (whether it's a C, S, or LLC), you are required by your state to document every major business activity.

If your corporate records are not in order and you are sued, you could be stripped of all liability protection and tax benefits.

You have a 1 in 3 chance of being sued this year, and when it happens it will be too late to put your records in order.

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